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There are multiple ways volunteers can impact the lives of vulnerable children and families through Safe Families:

Become a Host Family

At the core of the mission of Safe Families for Children is the host family who creates a safe place for children whose parents are in crisis. The host family practices biblical hospitality when they temporarily open their home to children without monetary reimbursement. Safe Families for Children may serve children of all ages, but each individual host family determines the profile of the children they are able to host in their home. Ideally, the host family will also develop a relationship with the placing parents to provide ongoing support for the family even after the children return home. Host Families serve under the umbrella of a Safe Families church, which provides a supportive community for the Host Family.

Learn more and complete an application here or contact us at

Become a Family Coach

The role of Family Coach is crucial, and provides an opportunity to minister in a variety of ways as the Family Coach facilitates the relationship between the placing parents and the Host Family during a hosting. Their two primary areas of ministry are 1) supporting the host family and ensuring the well-being of the children in care and 2) providing support and mentor-ship to the placing parent(s). Family Coaches help facilitate visits, and coordinate communication among the Family Coach Supervisor, the host family, and the placing parents. Family Coaches serve under the umbrella of a Safe Families church, which provides a supportive community for the Family Coach.

Learn more and complete an application here or contact for more information.

Become a Family Friend

Family Friends come alongside the host family and/or placing parents to provide encouragement and support during the time of hosting which could include, but is not limited to:

Babysitting: Providing temporary care of children to assist host families during a placement.

Transportation: Transporting children to doctor’s appointments, school, home visits, etc.

Meals: Providing a meal to a host family who is having a difficult placement in order to encourage them and relieve some stress.

Support: Encouraging a host family with prayer support during a difficult placement.

Mentoring: Offering support and guidance to placing parents during a hosting, and after the children return home.

Family Friends serve under the umbrella of a Safe Families church as part of a supportive community.

Volunteers working in direct contact with children are required to complete an approval process.  Learn more about Family Friends or contact us at if you would like to volunteer in a particular area.

Become a Resource Friend

Resources for host families Most children come into a host home with very few supplies and possessions, and host families are not reimbursed for any expenses they incur. Therefore, the donation of children’s items, including diapers and formula, are very helpful.

Resources for placing parents: At times, placing parents need the support of material resources to help them get ahead.

Skills or professional services: Placing Parents and/or Host Families benefit from the skills and services that Resource Friends are able to provide. Some examples could be:

  • Therapy/counseling for couples, individuals, or children
  • Hair support services (barber, ethnic hair care support, etc)
  • Doctors, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners willing to volunteer their services
  • Moving company services
  • Automobile repair/mechanic services
  • HR skills: interviewing, resume writing, etc.
  • Budgeting and Financial Stability Assistance

We keep a list of resource friends whom we notify when a particular need arises.

Learn more about Resource Friends and complete an application here.