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Volunteer Spotlight: Family Coach Lizzy Kendall

By Min Lee

Lizzie Kendall is a SFFC Charlotte Family Coach with First Baptist Church of Indian Trail. Min, our Family Coach Supervisor, recently interviewed Lizzie to get her thoughts on Family Coaching.

How many hostings have you served as Family Coach for?

Three– most with multiple kids in different Host homes!

What compels you to serve as a Safe Families for Children Family Coach? 

“The opportunity to walk beside a struggling family, pointing them in the right direction for resources while having the freedom to share the love of Jesus compels me to be a Family Coach.”

What would you tell someone else considering coaching?

“Being a Family Coach is a unique experience. We get to love on so many people throughout each hosting, from the placing family and their circle to the host families. Every hosting may not end the way we desire it to, but if we have kept the children safe while entrusted to us and shown the love of Jesus to a family in need, then we had a successful hosting.”

Anything you want to share about how you have seen the Lord work? Or how serving as a Family Coach has impacted you? 

“I have grown in my relationship with the Lord through serving as a Family Coach. One night after dropping off the baby and dinner from our Circle of Support to a placing parent I felt like we had forgotten the baby’s dinner. I brushed off that feeling and continued with the errands I had to complete that night. Two hours later, the Holy Spirit was still nudging me to go buy a can of formula. When I texted the mom we were serving, she said her sister had just dropped all the formula she had left on the floor and she was out of money.

As I grow in recognizing His voice, my kids are learning and growing too. They have seen homelessness and hunger and offered their beds, toys, and snacks. My children get to experience our Circle of Support get out of the church walls and into our community being the hands and feet of Jesus, loving and giving, not because we expect anything in return but because that is how Christ loves us.”

Any favorite story/memorable moment/etc from one of your coaching relationships?

“A few weeks ago our Circle of Support took our last placing family out for lunch for the mom’s birthday. It was great seeing her relax and enjoy being together and we look forward to celebrating her graduation later this year with her.”