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Get to Know Min, Our Newest Team Member

by Emily Kemmann

What is your role on the SFFC Charlotte staff team?
“I supervise volunteer Family Coaches. My goal is for them to feel supported and equipped. I also help build up church Ministry Leads and relationships in the community. My biggest goal is to help the full Circle of Support work together as a team, and to have each volunteer feel supported and engaged through consistent, constant connection.”

What do you feel you bring to the team?
My counseling and coaching background, and my background in trauma and attachment. My training brings a new skill set to the team. Diversity- not only in ethnicity but in culture and perspective.

What are personal strengths/gifting?
My ability to connect with others in a meaningful way– going deeper than surface-level to understand emotional needs and struggles and hopes, strength, dreams. The Lord has given me a gift to guide others through struggles– to help them gain new hope and perspective. I’d like to believe I have the gift of a sense of humor :) .”

What has surprised you about Safe Families?
“All of the details to keep track of! There are so many people [volunteers] involved in hostings, and I don’t know who they all are yet! I was also so surprised at how volunteer-driven SF really is. It’s amazing how many Christians in our city are willing to adjust their personal lives and homes to serve others! It really is radical compassion.”

What do you like about Safe Families?
I love that it’s volunteer-driven. I love that it’s not just talking about loving your neighbors, but actually living it out. I also love the prevention aspect– preventing neglect and abuse from occurring.”

Favorite hobbies?
Traveling internationally– walking around new places, trying to immerse myself in the culture. I also love art– I find it to be really healing. Van Gogh is my favorite artist, I love that he expressed so many emotions with color and brush strokes.”

What’s special about your family?
“Even though ethnically we’re all Korean, we have a multicultural family! My husband and I grew up in Korean-American immigrant families in New York City, two of my children were born upper-side of Manhattan, and two of my children were born in Korea and adopted as babies. Now that we’ve been in the south for 14 years, we bring southern culture into that mix!”